I help Teens see their true potential.

By teaching them how to handle stress and anxiety in today’s world and by building up their self-confidence.


I also help parents feel confident in raising their Teenager in an age of anxiety and distraction.

It begins with love.

The Bravest kind of Love.

Teens Need to Be Brave Today.

They are dealing with stress, anxiety, and self-doubt like never before. 

They are being distracted from seeing their true potential.


Parents need to be brave in parenting them.

They need ways to help their teen navigate through these times, while creating more connection with them.



I can help you and your Teenager face today.

This is my jam.

Watch my short Video to learn more:

  • I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know and be coached by Kendra! I was introduced to her at the perfect time when I was trying to improve myself and learn how to love my husband unconditionally. Most of all, Kendra was so good at listening to me and sincere in the ways she would encourage me and help lift me.

  • I have learned so much about myself during my weeks of coaching. I was able to make connections of what had been going on with my husband and my life. I was able to make sense of things. I have more understanding and love.

  • I was struggling to continue to love my husband and accept his reasons for leaving the church we belong to and the marriage commitments we made years ago. Kendra has been absolutely wonderful and personable. I feel so empowered by the tools she has given me to love my husband no matter what his thoughts are or his behavior. She has been so life changing for me and for my family.


Are you ready to do this together?