The One On: How Does The Lord Want Me To Love My Spouse When Sometimes I Don’t?

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I have my path.  It is the path for my life, only me.  I try to jump on other’s paths and control where I think they should go or try to follow them, but I’m not allowed.  My only job is to walk my own path and control me.  I noticed that Heavenly Father never tries to jump onto my path and control me, maybe He isn’t allowed either.  Instead, He gives me the space to make my own choices, even the really terrible ones where He knows I will end up suffering.  He gives me the space to have my own experiences to learn from, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.  His love gives me space to be me and figure out my path.

How do I know He is there if He won’t come onto my path?  It is when I choose to look for Him.  I feel His love when I read a scripture that sticks out to me, I feel His love when a friend texts at the exact moment I needed it, I feel His love when I feel prompted to help someone else, I feel His love when I am snuggling with one of my children.  Love feels grateful and good.  It is not pushy, controlling, judgmental, or manipulating.

Your husband needs the same space from you.  He is walking his own path and needs the space to feel how he wants to feel.  He is trying to figure out his own life, we aren’t allowed on his path even if we believe we know what is best for him.  Just like Heavenly Father, your spouse will feel your love if he chooses to look for it.

We love our spouse because it feels good for us, we get to feel the love, no matter how they respond to it or if they choose not to see it.  We love our spouse because that is what the Savior has asked of us.  This is the bravest kind of love, and it feels right.

This is the work that I do, I help you learn the skills to be able to love like this.  I would love to help you. to find out more information.

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