Hi, I’m Kendra.

Being kinder to myself has felt way better than being perfect.

Just saying.

I learned early in life what was going to get the approval and attention from my parents, friends, coaches etc.  I mastered the 4 P’s:


Perform. Please. Prove. Perfect. (repeat)


This worked great, until it didn’t.  If one person didn’t like me, if I couldn’t meet my own high expectations or the expectations of others, or if I said the “wrong” thing… then I would beat myself up.


I lived with constant worry and pressure to try and do everything just “right”, so no one would judge me.


I spent years as an adult reading tons of self-development books, doing trainings, and observing others so that I could finally feel enough, so I could say I belonged, and finally have it all… but it was just an illusion.


I was never going to have it all and be content, because I never let anything be good enough.


Perfectionist tendencies have you aim for something that will never be achieved.  This is why we need someone to show us the illusion so we can begin to feel more relief and peace.


I know how to help your teenager and understand the way their mind works. 


As a Mom of 3 Teenagers, I wish I could be the only person my kids want to turn to when they need help, but sometimes I’m not.


Sometimes they need to hear it from someone else.


Someone they can trust and relate with.


As a Certified Life Coach who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, it is nice to have a mentor who shares the same values and has actual tools to help your Teenager with what they are struggling with.


There is help.  There is hope.


After my clients work with me, they feel way more confident and definitely understand the importance of self-compassion.


So much of their stress and anxiety gets relieved and they aren’t so up and down in how they are feeling (well, they are still teenagers!)


This has been a long road for me to find self-acceptance.  I want to start your teenager on the path now.


I made life so much harder on myself than it needed to be, but they don’t have to have the same experience.


I can show them how…

So, let’s connect.  I want to hear everything going on for your teenager and any concerns that you have.  It is important to me to hear the parent’s perspective and what your specific child is struggling with.


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