Confidence Party >>> August 12, 2023 >>> Are you coming!

We all know the teenage years can be a time of wondering where you fit in, a lot of self-doubt, and not always loving your body. But what if you could get through these years feeling way more confident and self-assured?

They have proven that more confidence in ourselves helps us:

  • make better decisions
  • avoid people or situations that aren’t always good for us
  • navigate friendships & relationships without always feeling like we are the problem
  • be more of our true selves which creates real connections with others, not fake ones. More real connection helps with loneliness and anxiety.
  • really attractive to others, we tend to feel more secure and drawn to confident people
  • free yourself from caring so much about what others are thinking about you
  • can bounce back easier from setbacks in life
  • try new things, go after your dreams, and be less afraid to talk with others

The list could go on and on, but feeling confident helps with every aspect of our lives. Because we learn to believe in ourselves and our abilities.

So here is your official invitation to my Confidence Party:

My number one goal for this party is to have fun! No boring lectures or speeches. We are going to have prizes, awesome things for you to take home, a dance party for those who want to dance, and treats of course!

It will be in South Jordan Utah, from 5-9pm, and there is a $10 discount if you sign-up with a bestie.

Let’s kickoff the new school year this Fall feeling way better about ourselves- with less stress, less anxiety, and less self-doubt.

Don’t you worry, we will have more Brave Teen Events coming in the future, but this one is specifically for girls going into their sophomore, junior, or senior year. We will be covering self-confidence, how to feel more in control of our feelings, and learning to love our bodies more. This event does have LDS values, but it won’t be too churchy, I promise.

Here’s the deal- I want you to come! Whether you come by yourself or you bring all your besties, this event was meant for you. And I’m so excited to party with you!