What Happened To My Happily Ever After?

Do you ever wonder what you did wrong or what you could of done differently to prevent your spouse from leaving the Church?


Are you worried about what the Lord is thinking about you and your marriage now?

Are you worried about your future and what is going to happen to your family?


You may be angry at your spouse for leaving the Church.

He changed the rules.

You made promises and commitments to each other, this isn’t what you signed up for.

This causes a lot of confusion, hurt, and doubts about your marriage that you didn’t have before.


You still love your husband, but is there even a way through this together… 

Can we heal from this? 

Can we see each other the same way we did before?


The answer is yes. 

There is hope. 

It is possible. 

You can still have a happy and peaceful marriage even with two different beliefs in the home. 

I can show you how. 


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