Will my Teenager ever feel enough?

Your teenager may be experiencing a lot of anxiety around their performance in school, around friends or social situations, at church, and even at home.


This anxiety they are feeling can start to take over their life.


For many Teenagers their self-esteem is largely based on outside standards- which leaves them very sensitive to the opinions and criticism of others.


Making it tough living in today’s world where a lot of their ‘social world’ can be seen and judged by others.


Will they ever feel like what they are doing is enough?


For some, it won’t.  I explain this more in my video below.  I talk about the one thing all teenagers want and why this brings so much more anxiety and stress to some, over others.


The answer to finding relief from all the worry and self-pressure is by having more self-compassion and confidence.  These are two things I help my teenage clients develop.  They start to understand where confidence really comes from (hint- not outside standards) and then learn to create more and more of it.


Confidence and self-compassion are our youth’s greatest chance at dealing with everything they are facing today.


And I love helping them create more of it.


Check out my video below to learn more about how I help and see if I am describing your teenager:

Let’s be real, many teenagers feel awkward.


It is not always comfortable for them to talk with someone they don’t know very well.


It really takes different skills to connect and talk with teenagers.  There are many amazing coaches and therapists out there, but you want someone that can really connect with your child.


This is one of my strengths.  I feel very natural and comfortable talking with and helping teenagers.  


I believe strongly that they should have a say in getting the help they need.  It is why I set up a time to connect with you the parent AND a time to connect with your teenager.  We want this to work for everyone.  Click below to set up your time to connect with me: